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Delbert Homrich

71 / Single / Grand Rapids

I am a 71 year old gay American looking for a young gay Asian from any country. I have travelled to the Philippines three times looking for a boyfriend, long term partner, or a husband. I have also been to Thailand and Malaysia. Love all young Asian guys but most...

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26 / Single / Paris

Snapchat : v-kado

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Greg Greg

31 / Separated / Manila

I am easy to be with and prefers talking over the phone instead of chatting. Here to find the one I can call mine. Shoot me a message,  I love reading them. ( if you found me my " the one " please shoot me an email. Mostly, I read profiles....

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26 / Single / london

Hello my name is Adam I life in Camden in London UK I am 26 years old I am very outgoing guy i am kind and caring person I love i am a shy guy but when i get to know someone i talk more i like going out a...

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Barry F

45 / Single / Durham

“Work hard and play hard” A little bit about me. I’m an outdoorsy guy who loves being outdoors as much as possible. I run 10-15 miles a week for exercise, but when I have the time, a long hike with someone is even better. I also love the beach, traveling,...

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Scott Williams

63 / Single / Rome

Hi - I'm Scott. I'm 62 and live in the southeastern part of the USA.  Even though I'm ancient I have a young soul and am most comfortable with people under 30. I admit to being superficial as well. lol  I enjoy bowling, pool, baseball and American football (no, not...

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38 / Single / San Francisco

Please don’t just friend me out of the blue, i wont accept. A message works far better if you’re trying to show interest in chatting. Born in London, but I now live in San Francisco. I’m just another tech guy living in the bay! More of the stay-at-home type than the...

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Gerald Gallant

31 / Single / Tignish

I'm a really friendly, laid back guy. I'm really in to gaming and I'm a total nerd! I'm very romantic and like to take a passive role when I'm in a relationship. I love a good laugh. A person with a good sense of humor is very attractive to me....

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32 / Single / Montreal

Why not just ask?

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38 / Partnered / Manila

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25 / Single / Manila


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