Potatoes and Rice does not tolerate scamming of any sort. We are dedicated to the safety and security of our membership and those practicing in this activity will have their membership removed from the site immediately and be locked out for future use. We are one of the few (if only) gay friendship and gay dating websites that monitors all profiles and profile photos shortly after they are shown on the website.

While this can prevent the majority of scammers using the website, some will slip through. We urge all Potatoes and Rice members to report anyone they suspect of spamming. All such reports are treated as confidential and we will never reveal who the report was made by.

Suspicious activity includes the following.

  • Members immediately asking for your email address
  • Profiles containing an email address / web address / Skype address etc.
  • Members asking for money, help with travel expenses etc
  • Members who say they are in a different country to the one stated in their profile.
  • Profiles where any of the photos does not match the profile description.

You are befriended by someone who lives overseas (or even in the same country) and they need money to come and visit you, or for their ill relative, for their education etc. These are often scams.

Dating / romance / friendship scams occur on every type of dating/friendship site on the internet. A typical dating scam follows a pattern such as this –

  1. The scammer registers at an online dating / friendship site and creates a profile. Many scammers want you to contact them directly via email or online messaging service so will often include their email address / messaging details in their profile or on their photos.
  2. The scammer will then usually contact a large number of members with a standard message.
  3. The intended victim(s) responds and the pair begins corresponding regularly. If they havent done already they may soon contact outside the website directly via email or messaging service such as Yahoo, MSN or Skype.
  4. Over a period of time the scammer will earn the trust of the victim by discussing details and photos that make them seem like a genuine person. Of course the scammer has invented these details and usually stole the photos from some other website.
  5. Once the scammer has created the illusion of wanting a relationship with the victim they usually begin asking for money. This is often done in one of the ways outlined below.
    1. Asking for airfare so they can meet the victim.
    2. Asking for money for education
    3. Asking for money for a family emergency
  6.  By this time the victims may trust the scammer and even be romantically attracted to them and send the money. The cycle may then repeat.
  7. At some stage after too many requests for money or perhaps a wait at the airport the victim realizes they have been scammed. The money is long gone and the scammer no longer contactable and has already moved onto the next victim.

If you can relate to any of above then please contact us.

The user agrees to indemnify this site and its officers, directors, employees, and affiliates from and against any and all third party claims, demands, liabilities, costs, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from the loss of any monies due to scammers.

The user will accept full responsibility for the resulting actions of any scammer that they might encounter.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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