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Welcome to the new Potatoes and Rice

For those of you returning to Potatoes and Rice, we welcome you back. As you can see, this site has been totally revamped and made into more of a community site where you can still meet people, add them as friends, follow them etc., in fact this is similar to a Facebook social networking site. As those of you who are returning already know, I had tried several dating sites in the past, however whenever I had technical difficulties with the site, I was reliant on the site developers to fix or alter to my needs.  This time I decided to build it myself, allowing me the flexibility to change things as I wish and as we grow.  I welcome your opinions as always. I will try to accommodate all suggestions, within my power.

To our new users, welcome :). Although this is no longer a dating site, but rather a community with Groups and Forums, we want you to feel welcome.  Potatoes and Rice has always been about connecting Gay Asian Men with Gay White Men and has always prided itself on being a safe place for all, respecting each and every one of us. So please, treat each other in a manner you wish yourself to be treated.  Also, this is NOT a porn site.  Please do not post any nude photos.  You can send what you want to “connected” friends, but I suggest you ask before sending them anything too racy.  If you are looking for a pickup or porn site, please go elsewhere.

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  1. I agree Abe. This is a great place to make real friends. Plenty of other places that people can go to if they are just looking for gratification!

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